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Episcopal Day School and the Church of the Good Shepherd are proud to announce Phase I of campus expansion and improvements has been generously funded by those listed below. Construction on the Walton Way playground will begin in November and will open Spring 2015.

Barfield Courts

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Barfield, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Barfield III

Barton Playground

In honor of Mrs. Jane Barton by Mr. Raymond O. Barton III and Mr. and Mrs. Todd J. Barton

Trustee Commons

Mr. and Mrs. W. Marshall Brown Mr. and Mrs. Edgar L. Perry III
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Downing Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Porubsky
Mr. and Mrs. Grady O. Jackson III Drs. James and Jo Anne Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson B. Jones Mr. and Mrs. W. Craig Smith
Dr. and Mrs. H. Bradford Jones, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Walter C. Sprouse
Mr. and Mrs. John T. McCollum Mr. and Mrs. James B. Trotter
Dr. and Mrs. R. Glen Owen Dr. Jennifer E. Tucker and Mr. Lee Brigham
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Overstreet, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Don E. Williamson
Ms. R. Ashley Wright

Vestry Plaza

A Gift from the Church of the Good Shepherd

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