Preparing Young People for Learning and for Life

A brief glimpse quickly reveals why Outward Bound is a perfect match for the on going mission and work of Episcopal Day School.

The founder of Outward Bound, Kurt Hahn was born in Germany and forced to leave for England during Hitler’s rise to power. He was a passionate and influential educator who, over the course of his life, was instrumental in also founding several European boarding schools, Atlantic College in Wales, the United World College movement, and the organization of international schools called Round Square.

Despite the complicated conditions of his life, his educational philosophy was rather simple. In response to his concern that modern life was causing a decline among young people of important attributes, he dedicated his life to creating schools that developed those critical skills and attributes, including fitness, creativity, craftsmanship, self-discipline, and most of all, compassion.

Today’s Episcopal Day School shares a similar concern and commitment. We see how changes in the modern world (technology, global competition, pace of life, etc.) are having an impact on young people. We are committed to finding impactful ways to both counter some of these trends and to uniquely equip our students for lives of success, meaning, and purpose.

Outward Bound presents a powerful way for students to experientially apply these skills such as working together, practicing craftsmanship, testing their fitness, applying compassion in times of challenge–while discovering that they are capable (together and individually) of more than they ever let themselves imagine. With great frequency, EDS students on Outward Bound squash “I can’ts” and replace them with “I did its!”

Celebrating our 10th year of partnership, Outward Bound is just one of the many creative ways that EDS fulfills its commitment to “Foundations for Life.”

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