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JulieDear Fabulous EDS Parents,

I would like to introduce you to a new parent committee at Episcopal Day School:  The Parent Ambassador Committee (PAC).   The PAC is a product of the Jonathan Littleford focus groups that many of you attended in early October.  The focus group results reinforced what we already know:  EDS is a special place where our children receive unrivaled love and a first class education – but we’re not doing our job in sharing this information with other families in the community who could and should be attending EDS.

The PAC is made up of three committees, an internal, an external, and an admissions committee. The internal committee will work towards marketing the EDS culture so our families can give “living” examples of what it means to be an EDS student and family. The external committee will pursue and uncover untapped marketing opportunities made possible by our parents.  This group will create a professional resource directory and help introduce our school to as many audiences in the CSRA as possible.  Finally, the admissions committee will work closely with the admissions office; this includes leading campus tours, assisting with open houses, and maintaining contact with prospects throughout the admissions process and their first year at EDS.

The goal of the PAC is to spread the word to our parents, students, and potential EDS families about the Foundations for Life all EDS students receive, share these stories with the community, and ultimately increase enrollment.

I would like to thank Primrose Fisher (Internal Marketing Committee), Amelia McDougal (Admissions Committee), and Kriston Chandler (External Marketing Committee) for accepting the leadership positions for these committees.   Many of you have already signed up to help in one or more of these areas, but if you have not and would like to be involved, please email me.

I look forward to sharing and seeing the results of our Parent Ambassador Committees’ hard work!

Julia N. Means

Chair, Parent Ambassador Committee

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