Deadline to Redirect Your State Tax Dollars  to the GOAL Scholarship is Approaching!

Since 2008, deserving students and independent schools in Augusta and across the state of Georgia have benefitted from one of the most creative tax credit programs in the nation. The State of Georgia’s Education Expense Credit law has been described as the nation’s best of its kind. In 2008, Georgia’s elected officials passed this law to provide families in Georgia with access to better educational opportunities for their children. The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program, now in its tenth year, delivers assistance to families by delegating funds through participating schools, instead of simply cutting a check to rewarding families. The program allows individuals, families, and corporations to allocate a portion of their state income tax obligation to an independent school like Episcopal Day School to benefit financial aid. EDS has participated in the GOAL Scholarship for 9 years, and is proud to have assisted over 79 students (through June 2017) with scholarship assistance from GOAL.

How it works is simple.It takes just minutes to complete the online sign-up, and for many, given the choice between paying the same dollars in taxes or directing it to an independent school, it is a no-brainer. Last year alone nearly 70 EDS families and a number of businesses enrolled in the program, directing more than $100,000 to our financial aid program.

Because there are limited tax credits available each year ($58 million for 2018), a taxpayer who is interested in contributing to GOAL must be pre-approved by the Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR). This simply means that the DOR sets aside a certain amount of the available tax credits specifically for the respective taxpayer. Participation has increased exponentially over the past several years and the capacity has been met on January 1.

And no, you do not have to be a parent at a school like EDS to participate. Anyone that pays taxes in Georgia can apply, so grandparents, friends, relatives, businesses, etc., can all take advantage and the more that designate their funds to Episcopal Day School or another participating school, the more financial aid dollars we have at our disposal.

The CSRA currently has seven participating schools to whom you can delegate your credit, and each and each one of them would benefit from the redirection of your tax dollars. This is an integral part of participating schools’ financial aid program, and they could all use your support. To learn more about the Georgia GOAL Scholarship, please visit, and to apply, navigate to the “For Donors” section of their website.

Children deserve every opportunity available, and the Georgia GOAL Scholarship is one path to get them to greater things in life. The deadline to participate is December 15, 2017, so please sign up soon. Together we can award Augusta schools with assistance to provide greatness.

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