Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions


Annual Fund Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Fund
The Annual Fund is Episcopal Day School’s top philanthropic priority. We ask all parents to make a contribution to the Annual Fund. Each gift, regardless of size, is welcomed with gratitude. We ask families with the ability to do so to consider a gift at one of our leadership levels, beginning with the 1944 Society level. Many families choose to contribute at an even higher level. These leadership donors are able to realize substantial tax benefits as a result of their generosity while, at the same time, supporting the important work of the Episcopal Day School.

Frequently Asked Questions: Giving

Q: My family already pays tuition. Why am I being asked to contribute to the Annual Fund?
A: Tuition payments alone cover around 80% of the cost of educating each child. The Annual Fund helps bridge that gap, and the generosity of the community enables Episcopal Day School to moderate annual increases in tuition. Last school year, 8.4% of the school’s operating budget came from charitable gifts (For more detailed information about EDS’s revenue stream, please refer to page 15). Recently, roughly 80% of the EDS current parent body has made a gift to the Annual Fund in a given year, with Trustees and faculty contributing at a rate of 100% and 70 families giving at a leadership level. These leadership donors are able to realize substantial tax benefits as a result of their generosity while, at the same time, supporting the important work of Episcopal Day School.

Q: If you already ask for donations for the Annual Fund, what is the Golf Tournament for?
A: The annual EDS Golf Classic raises roughly $20,000 each year. Both a fun social outing for members of the community, past and present, and many local corporate supporters, the golf tournament raises funds critical to meeting annual budgeted priorities.

Q: It seems that I receive so many requests for support of the Episcopal Day School. Which are most important?
A: We recognize that there are a variety of worthy philanthropic organizations competing for families’ resources. We ask that you, as a parent at EDS, consider making our school your philanthropic priority, as it has a direct benefit for your child. Among our fundraising initiatives, we consider the Annual Fund to be the
top priority, as it supports every facet of the operation of the school for the current budget cycle. Families who have the capacity are asked to give at a leadership level
(1944 Society or above), and we encourage every family to give as generously as their circumstances allow.

Q: How much should I give to the Annual Fund? How much of a difference can my gift really make?
A: We ask all families to participate in the Annual Fund in any way they can. Annual Fund gifts range from less than $10 to more than $10,000. While we encourage families to consider gifts at a leadership level, which begins with the 1944 Society Level at $1,000, no gift is insignificant. Contributions other than “leadership gifts” are still highly important as that support provides necessary funds and raises our participation rate, which has a positive effect on our efforts to encourage others to give.

Q: When should I make my gift to the Annual Fund?
A: Our fiscal year begins on July 1 and runs through June 30 of the following year. We encourage all families to make their pledges as soon as possible, both for the school’s planning purposes and for your own. Annual Fund Committee members begin making calls to all current parents after the first few weeks of the school year, during which you will receive a call from a fellow parent making an official request for your contribution.

Q: Will I be asked to make additional gifts to Episcopal Day School?
A: While there are always other giving opportunities at EDS, each benefiting our school in a certain way, we encourage current parents to make their first gift to EDS each year to the Annual Fund. From time to time, the Board of Trustees authorizes capital campaigns for large building projects, such as the Flowing Wells Campus: A Place to Grow Campaign. This is the school’s first capital campaign in more than 15 years and its express purpose is to fulfill the Board and Vestry’s master plan for the phased development of the Flowing Wells Campus. There are other fundraising events throughout the year, primarily driven by the EDS Association. All proceeds from EDS Association fundraisers are “returned” to the school through grants to special projects often known as “the wish list,” as well as through regular annual contributions to the EDS Endowment and the operating budget in support of the curriculum and programs.

Q: We receive financial aid. How can we give a meaningful gift?
A: We consider every gift that is made to the Annual Fund a meaningful one. We deeply encourage participation in the Annual Fund from each and every family at EDS. Each gift, regardless of size, demonstrates a vote of confidence in the school, its faculty, administration, and its program.

Q: I’ve heard that Episcopal Day School might be expanding. Are we expected to donate to that as well?
A: While EDS is blessed to own the 30- acre Flowing Wells Campus, this property is not intended to grow the size of the school, rather the master plan for the FWC has been designed to augment the facilities and programmatic offerings for EDS families that could not be accommodated on the Walton Way Campus.

Q: What else can I do to ensure the financial stability of the Episcopal Day School?
A: First, as a parent and an ambassador for the Episcopal Day School in the Augusta/CSRA, you should know that your enthusiasm for EDS helps attract and retain great families and students, faculty, and staff. Second, we hope that you will encourage others, like grandparents who want to support EDS and its mission, to contribute to the Annual Fund. Third, the success of our Annual Fund, and all of our initiatives, depends greatly on our volunteers. We hope you will join us in one of the many ways you can volunteer.

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