Kindergarten Kite Day


Kindergarten students had a fun time last Friday for Kite Day! Several weeks ago, the classes began learning about kites and how the wind blows. Mrs. Welsh helped them make pinwheels in Science Enrichment. First grade students brought their anthologies one afternoon and read Arnold Lobel’s story The Kite to us. Students wrote and drew in a kite journal and made predictions about what you need to fly a kite, how a kite is made, and how their kites might fly in different conditions. Then on Kite Day, the parents visited and ate a kite snack together, saw their journals, and heard them sing “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” from Mary Poppins. Then we had the grandest time outside flying our windsock-style kites! They were all smiles and full of pride!

See photos from Mrs. Hesse’s class here.

See photos from Mrs. Marr’s class here.

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