Nothing sticks like a shadow!

If you see kindergartners on campus not watching where they are going, chances are good that a shadow is somewhere nearby distracting them.

We have just completed a unit called “Shadows” in the kindergarten Open Court Reading series, and now we are seeing shadows everywhere we go.

First, we read a non-fiction selection that taught us the three things it takes to make a shadow a light source, something to block the light, and a surface for the shadow to fall upon. Then we read three fantasy selections about a bear, a wolf, and a rabbit who did not understand how shadows are made. Those stories made us laugh!

We watched shadows in all different places on the EDS campus. We outlined a tree’s shadow with yarn at different times of the day. We drew our shadows with chalk in the courtyard. Sometimes they were shorter or taller than us, and at other times they were just the same size!

In our classroom we would see our shadows on the SMART board. We made life-size paper shadows and colored them to look just like us! At the end of our unit we all got together and watched “The Boy with Two Shadows”.

-Submitted by the Kindergarten team

DSC07404 DSC07416 shadow1 shadow4  shadow6 shadow7

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