Welcome to EDS – From Reverend Fain

Welcome to EDS - From Reverend Fain

Welcome to EDS

It is an extraordinary privilege to be the pastor of a congregation with a school like EDS. For
nearly 75 years the church and school have been partners in the sacred work of preparing
Augusta’s children to build a life that is pleasing to God, a blessing to others, and brings joy to the
self. Every person here, faculty, staff, and every parent is clearly dedicated and making personal
sacrifices to do the best that we can for all of our students. I want to thank all of you, parents and
staff, for choosing EDS and I want to welcome everyone, returning families and new families to

I could not feel more strongly about the work that we do together at EDS to prepare these children
for citizenship both in God’s kingdom and in the nation. The pressing need for adults who are
able to bring their unique gifts to bear positively in their families, places of employment,
neighborhoods and communities could not be more critical than it is in these times of constant
change and transition. Obviously, as a pastor, I am convinced that an engaging, lively relationship
with God is absolutely foundational to the construction of the kind of life of wisdom, love, and
service that we hope and pray an EDS education inspires a child to pursue.

Whatever your family’s faith background, EDS will do its very best to strengthen and confirm your
child in faithful witness to the love and grace of God that we Christians see in Jesus Christ. If your
faith life has been on the back burner, so to speak, amongst all the pressing concerns of life, then I
encourage you to move from “simmer” and turn up the heat. Augusta is blessed with so many
fabulous churches eager to welcome you and, of course, we invite you to visit Good Shepherd.

Robert Fain
Rector, Church of the Good Shepherd

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