Amazing Peacocks! 2nd Grade

2nd graders finished their peacocks earlier this month and I’m finally getting around to sharing some photographs of their finished work. I think they get better and better EVERY YEAR. Don’t you love them?

12814137_10100461462961501_3769063909415771469_nEven though we all followed the same basic steps, I love how DIFFERENT these peacocks turned out from one another.  This project is a great reminder that every project is a self portrait.  The finished pieces allow us to take a glimpse into the beautiful minds of the wonderful children who created them.


They looked so pretty laid out on my floor, I didn’t want to move them!

(Sigh. But I did!)


I can’t wait for you to see them and get to take them home on Grandparent’s Day!

Have a nice week,

Mrs. Heinlein

Kristen Heinlein


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B.F.A., Stetson University
M.A., Savannah College of Art and Design

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