Banyan Trees: 4th Grade

4th graders learned all about Banyan Trees, beautiful trees that originate in India. These trees are known for their multiple trunks and twisting branches. The branches of this tree send out roots  from the top to anchor into the soil.  We kicked off this project by admiring images of Banyan trees and their trunk-like roots. banyan-oheo625x416

Following these steps, students created their own full-page renderings of banyan trees. 13173898_10100490301768301_3109069877885606561_n

When the pencil drawings were complete, students outlined with sharpies.


Next, 4th graders carefully painted in their bark with india ink.



After a quick chalk pastel demonstration, 4th graders filled in each of their encloses spaces with chalk pastel. Students used Q-tips to blend in the small areas and were encouraged to mix lots of colors.


Check out some finished work!



This lesson came from one of the first books I was given when I became an art teacher: Dynamic Art Projects for Children, by Denise M. Logan. I highly recommend this book!

Great work, 4th Grade!

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