Why my "smile muscles" are sore…

My EDS kindergartners are getting ready for their first Christmas Music Program: Happy Birthday Baby Jesus. Along with some traditional Christmas carols, most of the songs they are learning tell the story of the Holy birth through the eyes of the animals in the manger who witnessed it.

They’re working very hard on remembering “tons of words” and perfecting their animal sounds. Before I explain some of the more complicated lyrics, I ask them what they think the words mean.  Topics covered so far include why “round yon virgin” is not about a boy named John who’s shaped like a circle, and just what exactly is a “one-horse open sleigh” anyway?

My face is actually getting tired from the constant smiling and laughing.  These sweet, special kids are really helping me get into the holiday spirit early and reminding me that Christmas is something we should keep with us all year.

Tara Scheyer

Preschool - Fourth Grade Music

EDS Faculty since 2013, 25 years prior experience
B.A. Music, University of Southern Mississippi
Summer Performance Program Degree, Berklee College of Music

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