Make a Mark

This little lesson was inspired by children’s book author and illustrator, Peter H. Reynolds.  I plan on reading two of his books, “Ish” and “The Dot,” next week in class.  Peter’s books encourage children to let go of their fear of ‘doing it right’ to just make a mark and see where it takes you!

Kindergarteners are becoming more and more familiar with their art materials and now know the difference between watercolor paints, chalk pastels, and oil pastels.  We experimented with watercolor resist while working on our sailboats, but I wanted to introduce the idea of “abstract art” with the kids.  Not ever picture has to look like something recognizable. Each child got a blue oil pastel and began making loops and scribbles across their page.

Once their crazy squiggles were unleashed, I passed out watercolor paints and showed kids how to try to paint inside all of their intersecting lines and bubbles.



Needless to say, Kindergarteners had no problem being brave and making a mark!  This was a fun exercise to try out with them.Image


PS. In case you happened to notice a monkey wrapped around your child’s neck…this was our first week bringing out the monkeys.  Students get “monkey’d” when they have been caught showing good behavior. More on that later! :)

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