Sweet as Cake: 3rd Grade


Wayne Thiebaud is such a great artist to talk about when teaching students about geometry and optical illusions. This lesson involves a rather hard drawing lesson…but once kids master that, they really get a kick out of what they can create! We start with drawing a cylinder and then use our rulers to draw acute triangles to form our slices. We drew this cake last week and painted it in this week.

At the beginning of class this week, I quizzed students and asked them to draw the cakes again from memory. I think 3-D cakes are fun to know how to draw when making birthday cards!


Once these cakes were drawn, 3rd graders outlined their pencil lines in oil pastels. You can see this was “Lids for Kids Day” because of all the cute hats!



Some students were a little bit hard to take seriously! :)


Once our cake drawings were outlined in pastel, we brainstormed cake flavors, toppings, and colors. I heard a lot of, “This is making me want caaaaake,” remarks during this discussion. Can’t blame them. :) After this, we reviewed some watercolor techniques and began painting in our cakes.


Next week, we will finish painting them, cut out silver cake stands, and mount them on black paper. I think this will make the cakes pop out! Here are just a few of the awesome cakes so far.Image

Great job, sweet 3rd graders!

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