Welcome to EDS After School 2018-2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the EDS After School Program! The After School Program is a component of the EDS Auxiliary Programs, made up of After School, Enrichments, and Summer Camp. We are excited that you will be utilizing our program this year, and are here to answer any questions.

My name is Elise Folk and I am the Director of Auxiliary Programs. I am excited to say that I am starting my fourth year at EDS in this capacity, and feel that this will be the best year yet! While I will be out on Maternity Leave until early October, the After School Program will be in capable hands with a superb group of teachers and an amazing Assistant Jalessa Mills. Mrs. Mills has been an after-school teacher for 3 years, and I am excited that she is moving into the Assistant position. All questions related to your program, what to pack, changes to schedules, concerns, comments, etc can be sent to Mrs. Mills while I am out (feel free to copy me on any correspondence, as I will be periodically checking emails). Her email address is jlambert@edsaugusta.com. In addition, if you have questions related to your bill, please contact Debbie Wren at dwren@edsaugusta.com.

If you are receiving this email, it is because you signed up for an after school program for your student(s). If you do not remember which program you signed up for, or need to make changes, please reach out to Mrs. Mills and copy Mrs. Wren.

Program Descriptions

After School K-8 Schedule or Lunch Bunch will get a rest period and sign up for Lunch Bunch will not get a rest period.

If at any time you need to make a change to your selected program (cancel, switch the number of days, move from Lunch Bunch to Gingerbread, etc) please allow up to 2 weeks for those changes to be made and let Mrs. Mills know. If you need to just swap a day here or there, that can be accommodated immediately and please let Mrs. Mills know.

What to Pack

Lunch Bunch (LB) Young 3s, 3s, and PK Schedule

For our Lunch Bunch and Gingerbread programs please pack a lunch (or place an order through the school’s Campus Cuisine program). For the lunches, please pack a Nut Free lunch. Label all soy and sun butter as such, so that the After School team knows that they are nut free. If a peanut or nut butter product is packed, we will keep it sealed, and return it to the lunch box to be sent home. Please do not pack lunches that need to be microwaved. The After School program follows the same policy for lunches as the Lower School and students are not permitted to use the microwave until they are in Middle School. In addition, please be mindful of the quantity of food which is packed. PreSchool students are provided with a snack in the morning and if they stay for Gingerbread are provided a snack in the afternoon, and oftentimes lots of food ends up being thrown away. We understand and appreciate wanting to send options for the students, but please be mindful of quantity. If you are packing extra as a snack for pick up, please label it with a sticky note and we will keep it in the child’s lunch box.

Please label lunch boxes, water bottles, thermoses, and anything else non-disposable with your child’s first and last name.

For our Gingerbread students, Young 3s Lunch Bunch, and 3s Lunch Bunch, please make sure you pack linens for rest time. Please pack a fitted crib sheet, a light blanket, and a small travel sized pillow. These items should be labeled and come to school every Monday. They will be returned every Friday (or the child’s last day of the program for the week) to be laundered. Each student will receive a linen bag at the beginning of the school year with their name on it. You do not have to use this bag, but it is provided so that you can easily transport their linens weekly.

The same rules apply to technology during the After School Program that applies during the day. Students should not be using cell phones. Their computers or tablets should be used only for school work. If you need to communicate with your child regarding changes to their after-school program, please call the front office, email your child’s teacher, or email Mrs. Mills and we will make sure the message gets to your child.

Picking Up

When picking a child up from Lunch Bunch (3 pm carpool) please wait until the 2nd bell has rung. Children will be waiting on the two benches closest to the front office with their teachers. Please remind your child to wait on the bench until the 2nd bell has rung. In addition, please make sure you let a teacher know you are picking up your child.

When picking up from Gingerbread or After School, you may come anytime before and up to 6 pm. Students in grades K and under must be picked up by a parent from either the playground, their classroom, the library, etc. Students in grades 1st+ may walk to the front office on their own. An older sibling may walk a younger sibling up to the front office.

When you arrive, please stop by the front office. If your child is in K or younger, the front office receptionist will tell you where their class is located, if your child is in 1st or older, the front office receptionist will radio for your child and they will be sent up. Please sign your child out on the sheets provided at the front desk.

If you walk back to pick up your child, please make sure you let a teacher know you are picking up your child, and please exit through the front office as well.

EDS is also in the process of updating our safety procedures/protocols. As many of you know, this was a discussion that began last year. Please be on the lookout for communication from the Head of School, in and around the beginning of the school year outlining any new procedures.

After School Teachers

  • Young 3s Gingerbread and 3s Lunch Bunch

○ Ms. Shelby Ryder (12:30-3:30)

○ Ms. Cheyianne Jones (3:30-6)

  • 3s Gingerbread

○ Ms. Laura Sigwald (12:30-3:30)

○ Ms. Janae Green (3:30-6)

  • PK Gingerbread

○ Ms. Stephanie Frails (12:30-6)

○ Ms. Mahala Leonard (12:30-6)

  • PK Lunch Bunch

○ Ms. Crystal Groleau (12:30-3)

  • AS K

○ Ms. Keke Edwards (3-6)

  • AS 1st

○ Ms. Ashlyn Shields (3-6)

  • AS 2nd-4th

○ Ms. Crystal Groleau (3-6)

○ Ms. Katie Grant (3-6)

After School Program Start Dates

  • August 13

○ Mrs. Mills will be available in room 108 to answer any after-school questions for LS and MS parents during their visitation

  • August 14

○ Mrs. Mills will be available in room 108 to answer any after-school questions for PS and K parents during their visitation

○ Mrs. Mills will have linen bags to hand out to each family of a student who rests during LB or GB

○ Regular after school program for 1st-8th grade

  • August 15

○ Regular after-school program for all LB, GB, and 1st-8th-grade students

○ NO after school program for K

  • August 16

○ Regular after school program for all students in all grades


Please keep an eye on the Panther Post, the EDS Website, and your email for information regarding fall enrichments.

In the fall we will be running the following enrichments (more details can be found on the EDS website)


Thank you so much! We are looking forward to a wonderful 2018-2019 academic year!



Elise Folk and the Auxiliary Programs Team

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