EDS Receives Taxidermy Donation

Thanks to a generous donation from Mr. and Mrs. Hugh L. Hamilton, we are privileged to have a taxidermy exhibit in the library.  We have five native species of animals that include male and female Eider Ducks, and an American Alligator. In addition, we have two beavers, one of which is an albino or white beaver. We also have two bobcats that are displayed in predatory mode. Students have enjoyed interacting with these displays and have learned a lot about their native habitats through observations. These exhibits will be loaned to other educational facilities throughout the years for many students in the CSRA to enjoy. 

Joe Kirstein

Boardman Chair of Science and Sustainability, Seventh Grade Robotics, Eighth Grade Physical Science

EDS Faculty since 2015; 17 years prior experience
B.S Ed., Georgia State University
M.S., Mississippi State University

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